Implementation: the process of putting a decision or plan into effect; execution

Dry Eye Implementation Kit:

The Dry Eye Institute equips you with the

resources needed for immediate execution 

You will observe the implementation of diagnostic tools, patient education and treatment protocols in a live clinical setting with actual patient interactions, and then leave with everything you need for success…

  1. The Dry Eye Equation: A diagnostic guide and treatment plan for differentiating and managing OSD
  2. Customized implementation plan for immediate execution
  3. Personalized marketing plan
  4. Patient education materials: videos, brochures, written tools
  5. Logistical support
  6. Informed consents for advanced procedures
  7. Prescribing templates for lab orders
  8. Coding assistance guide
  9. Return on investment practice tool
  10. Digital template of all resources
  11. Advocacy through networking
  12. Extensive array of samples representative of the majority of at home dry eye treatments available
  13. Partners Handbook
  14. Pre-established partner discounts for both equipment and ongoing purchases
  15. Dedicated account representative for improved accountability