Learn by doing. The Dry Eye Institute delivers a reliable formula that produces consistent outcomes, and equips you with an extensive arsenal of tools and knowledge for immediate implementation. DEI offers an all-day workshop with 4 of your colleagues, in a small office setting, personalized to meet the needs and goals of each attendee.

This workshop will not only explain the Dry Eye Equation and tools, but also demonstrate the plan in action, in a real world setting, with real patients.  We will talk through ideas on how to make adjustments to your current workflow and mindsets within each practice, as well as develop a specific marketing strategy. As an added benefit, participants will receive 2 hours of COPE certified continuing education focused on differential diagnosis and targeted treatments of ocular surface disease.

While dry eye can be very complex, this utilizes a simple formula that serves as a foundational mindset, equipping the doctor to routinely “see” dry eye differently.  At its core, The Dry Eye Equation will guide you to collect specific diagnostic data to establish the underlying root cause of the dry eye and order these diagnoses according to severity, thereby prioritizing the treatments. You will be directed as to which targeted treatments to pair with each diagnosis for predictable outcomes. You will see the tools needed to educate the patient in a genuine and effective manner, that fosters compliance and dedication to the treatment plan.

The Dry Eye Equation starts with an intentional diagnosis process which guides the treatment plan. The patient education session generates the compliance which determines the outcome. Consistent outcomes propel both patient and doctor referrals, which yields practice revenue and sustainable growth.


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