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This course is a must if you plan on incorporating dry eye into your practice. I was extremely impressed with how detailed the retreat was. She breaks down everything from diagnosis and treatment to patient communication. I honestly think she is undercharging for a course of this caliber. I would’ve easily paid 2-3x the current fee and still considered it a steal.

Once in a great while an opportunity comes around which can really alter our career paths. The Dry Eye Institute is truly one of those opportunities. What Dr. Brimer has put together is nothing short of amazing. She has assembled an extremely well thought out comprehensive program that will probably never be matched by any other group or individual.

She not only reviews the latest equipment, materials and protocols in dry eye, but also constructs a complete individually customized manual featuring everything from diagnosis and treatment to implementation of the materials covered. Dr. Brimer is extremely patient, thorough and empathetic to all knowledge levels of dry eye. It is mind blowing, but also easy to see the amount of time she has put into assembling this program. The Dry Eye Institute is worth every penny you spend in attending.

Without hesitation, I give the DEI a resounding endorsement to anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of dry eye. The program is amazingly complete, full of ideas and really is second to none. You will come away from the program more knowledgeable, confident, and excited about the subject. My advice to anyone interested in dry eye or even simply looking for something to jump start their practice, look no further and take the leap in attending the next available seminar. This is truly one of those opportunities that you will look back on as one of the best things you’ve ever done.

David T. Kageyama, OD FAAO

I have been in practice for three decades and have never before witnessed an exam encounter quite like the one that Dr. Brimer conducted during the Dry Eye Institute seminar.  She teaches a laser like focus in uncovering the root cause or causes of the patients ocular surface disease and then crafting specific therapies target to treat that patients issues.  The seminar is specifically designed to help doctors go beyond merely learning about dry eye and to actually implement a dry eye center of excellence in their offices.


This course is a must if you plan on incorporating dry eye into your practice. I was extremely impressed with how detailed the retreat was. She breaks down everything from diagnosis and treatment to patient communication. I honestly think she is undercharging for a course of this caliber. I would’ve easily paid 2-3x the current fee and still considered it a steal.

Dr. Jonathan Tsao, OD

This was money well spent. The knowledge and confidence gained from DEI was well worth it. I am now specializing in dry eye and it would have been much more difficult proceeding without the education provided by Dr. Brimer.  She really knows her stuff and really makes sure you know it too before you leave.

The small class size is the best part about it.  It’s a discussion rather than a lecture. Your questions are answered immediately at the time they surface.

I would highly recommend DEI, and Dr. Brimer really knows how to put on a great seminar. It was also fun, which I can rarely say about any education.

Thank you Dr. Brimer!

Jeffrey L. Koenen, OD

I attended DEI this past May and all I can say is WOW! I’ve never been to such a comprehensive, hands-on seminar! Dr. Brimer’s schedule for two days is jam-packed with such great information that you will leave more confident in treating your dry eye patients. She’s developed a protocol that makes sense and always involves the patient and their concerns. Dr. Brimer’s passion is obvious as she engages with her peers through her teachings. Thank you for all that you do for our optometry community and thank you for giving me the confidence to move forward in my passion to treat dry eye! You’re the best!

Dr. Reshma Amin

Dr. Brimer’s DEI program is well thought out and offers a wealth of invaluable information that elevates dry eye care in practice! She offers resources that span from the clinical, patient care, dry eye product knowledge, and business aspects to apply right away into practice and to ensure success. This program is unlike any other CE program because you will leave with more knowledge, a fresh approach to dry eye care, and the tools to succeed in practice and in business.

Dr. Yura Kim

The best dry eye class I have ever taken. Dr. Brimer has knowledge beyond any other educator I have heard and the best part is she has put this knowledge to practice. She shares ALL her clinical methods in order to empower others to greatly improve their patient’s quality of life. The material and presentation are top-notch. Well worth the investment and I highly recommend this boot camp to all doctors and staff.

 Dr. Sandra Gossett

Attending DEI opened my eyes to all the available dry eye treatments on the market that I was unaware of. I have so much more information and help that I can offer my patients now that I have attended DEI. I can’t wait to put everything I learned into action! Thank you for a great experience!

Dr Olivia Carleo O.D

The DEI course was very informative and enjoyable. Dr. Brimer took great care to insure all participants were comfortable and tailored information to their needs and level of prior experience. I can not praise the course highly enough.

Dr. Terry Null 

Dr Crystal Brimer enthusiastically explains dry eye in a clear and comprehensive format starting from equipment, to diagnosis and treatment, and ends at billing/coding. I strongly recommend in person versus virtual to get the full experience to see and use the instruments. Wonderful experience! I’m excited to start my dry eye journey, even with a fraction of Dr Brimer’s enthusiasm I’ll be in great shape! 🙂

Dr. Whitney Jensen

The Dry Eye Institute retreat provides you with a detailed, comprehensive approach to the challenging dry eye patients we see every day in our clinics. With attention on successful patient outcomes you learn about an impressive array of products used to manage dry eye disease, current diagnostic protocols, treatment protocols for the entire spectrum of care: From the simplest to the most complex cases. As important (if not more so), you learn to effectively engage the patient to be active in their own care to, again, create successful outcomes. The program is designed for you, no matter where you are in your dry eye patient care today. Beginner? Start here! If you’ve been treating dry eye disease for a while this is an excellent program to take you to the next level. No stone is left unturned, Dr Brimer explains the ins and outs of the business side of dry eye management to ensure a successful outcome for your business as well. When you attend: I’m certain that you will have a complete and comprehensive experience in a very positive learning environment. You will leave with the tools, information, and mindset along with a fresh, expanded view of how we can help all our patients achieve better outcomes.

Dr. Mark Ruff

Attending the Dry Eye Institute has revitalized the way I approach dry eye patients.  Dr Crystal Brimer’s program is a very comprehensive review of all aspects of Dry Eye Disease, including causes, diagnosis and contemporary in-office and at-home management.  In a small group setting we were able to see her interact with her actual patients.   She exposed us to a new referred in patient for a complete Dre Eye work-up.    This was especially useful as we were able to review and discuss this case as a group.    I would highly recommend The Dry Eye Institute for anyone looking to expand their dry eye management.

Dr. J Scot Ellis

I can’t say enough about the hospitality and knowledge we gained through the Dry Eye Institute with Dr. Brimer. She is incredibly knowledgeable and walks through every aspect you need to know to start a successful clinic. I took my Technician with me to get a full understanding of what a dry eye clinic looks like and she gained an invaluable amount of information from Dr. Brimer. I would highly recommend the Dry Eye Institute to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.

Dr. Stephanie Mcdonald

I highly recommend DEI. It is the most comprehensive program with all the information you need for your dry eyes practice. DEI takes you through the entire process from examination to interpretation and patient communication. Dr. Brimer goes through a great “if this, then that” protocol to help clinically diagnose and treat the patient. Seeing the process live with real patients is unique and exceptional. Thank You, Dr. Brimer!
Dr. Ruchita Shah

Dr. Brimer’s southern hospitality was amazing.  She hosted us at her office with her real patients.   We learned step by step how to treat “if this… ”   then that…”.  Detailed treatment options were clear and concise.  The amount of take home products and preprinted notes were generous and professionally done.  I highly recommend this one day course.

This is, by far, the best experience I have had to take my Dry Eye game to the next level. The Dry Eye Institute takes you through the entire process from examination to interpretation and patient communication. The key to outcomes is patient communication. Seeing the process live with real patients is unique and exceptional. Thank You!

Dr. Randy Hill,  CA

I highly recommend attending DEI! My expectations were exceeded and I truly believe what I learned will change the way I practice. Dr. Crystal is passionate about dry eye education and she shares her knowledge in an organized and well thought out manor. I am so happy I attended DEI!
Dr. Laura Rosanova-Philipp, O.D.

Thank you again Dr. Brimer!! My staff and I chose the DEI Office Lite module, which allowed us to learn all about dry eye in the comfort of our own meeting room. This was my second time attending DEI. I attended in person a couple of years ago. The review that I got was really beneficial as it reinforced my knowledge, as well as provided some new information that I was immediately able to implement into my practice the next Monday. Having done both in person and web based staff training I can say that I highly recommend either (or both) to anyone interested in pursuing a specialty in Dry Eye. My staff found it very beneficial too.
Here’s what they had to say:
Emily: I enjoyed learning more in depth about dry eye and what a dry eye exam consists of and found it very helpful. Specifically, it was helpful to watch a dry eye exam being done with a patient and hearing how everything could be explained to a patient to make it easy to understand. I also found it very helpful to learn more about dry eye disease, what things contribute to dry eyes, and what things can be done to improve dry eyes. I feel that I can take what I learned and use it to help patients in our office better understand dry eye disease and encourage them to get the treatments that will help them feel more comfortable.
Meagan: I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about dry eye disease and how it can be treated. Seeing the dry eye evaluation thru the camera lens was helpful to be able to see the entire procedure up close. The presentation was easy to follow along with and understand which makes it easier to explain the treatments to patients. Thank you for creating this presentation so we were able to make a great experience for our patients. Emily and I are trying to figure out how we can get a relaxation room in our office! If I could be sure that my staff would not take advantage of the “relaxation room” I would agree to put it in. So we will see. Thanks again Dr. Brimer!!
Dr. Jeff Koenen and staff

The DEI was a wonderful experience! Dr. Brimer provides excellent education, materials, and enthusiasm regarding everything dry eye. She truly wants you to succeed in your practice and she has done the research and gives great testimonials on products and treatments that work. I am excited to see how this experience will benefit my career for years to come!
Dr Katie Scullion

I’ve been in solo primary/specialty practice for 31 years and have become increasingly alarmed over the incidence of dry eyes/anterior segment disease; I’d also become disenchanted with how basic treatments like hygiene and artificial tears just missed the mark most of the time and patients remained uncomfortable and unhappy.
I have a preventative practice mindset with glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration, having invested in equipment to better/earlier diagnose and treat those, so I was looking for a model I could use like that for dry eyes.

Great class. It can be helpful for those just starting, as well as give pointers for a more organized approach for your advanced provider. The DEI helped combined all multifactorial pieces of dry eye and help bucket them into an easier patient care strategy plan.

Dr. Alexandra Literski

Dr. Brimer with the Dry Eye Institute hit a home run! Her transparency, passion, knowledge, concern, and courage to lead are absolutely stunning! She has really figured it out and is willing to pass it along—what a gift! The minute investment in the weekend and her fees were already paid back when she gave us a backpack full of samples, not to mention a 3 inch manual on everything dry eye. Then, day one back in my clinic I’ve already seen 3 patients in my regular schedule that went out with real solutions, and 3 more coming back for a Dry Eye Workup. I’m convinced my investment will be easily recouped and multiplied 1000 times in the remaining 6 months of this year, not to mention in the years to come.
Dr Brimer’s true heart is patient outcomes, and she has come through.
I can’t believe the hard work she has done has enabled me to pass alone that same success to my patients!

This will be one of the best investments in your education you could ever make.

Barry Kavanaugh OD FAAO FCOVD

The DEI was an amazing experience. I currently switched careers after 32 years and to say the least I was a bit intimidated to do so. After attending this wonderful clinic I have an optimistic view on my future. Dr. Brimer is so down to earth and easy to relate too. I learned so much in such a little time. If you are on the fence about this clinic let me assure you, you will not be disappointed. Watching her in action is truly amazing. She has a wonderful staff that works great together. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to meet her and learn from such a great leader.

Angie Smith

The DEI was the step I needed to take our dry eye program to the next level. Crystal lays out every detail and key feature to run a successful, effective, and lucrative dry eye specialty clinic. I 100% recommend attending. You won’t regret it!


If you are passionate about learning the latest diagnostics and treatment options for dry eye disease, then Dr. Brimer’s seminar is for you. What an incredible 2 days of learning! I have an excellent foundation to grown my dry eye practice and give my patients unparalleled care. Thank you, Dr. Brimer!
Dr. Janet Wilson

If you believe success is in the details and you want to be your hero to your dry eye patients consider Dr. Crystal Brimer’s Dry Eye Institute. It’s the Vision Source Dry Eye protocol on steroids.

Mark R Fisher OD, FAAO

I can’t begin to describe how much help the Dry Eye Institute has been to myself and my office. Dr. Brimer’s knowledge and enthusiasm was inspiring. It has helped us to establish a better flow for our dry eye patients in our office. She helped us evaluate which treatment options would be the most beneficial to our patients and our office, including better ways to involve patients in choosing their treatment options. So much material was covered during our time there. It was so helpful and enjoyable. Thanks to Dr. Brimer and her staff. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Bart Jones O.D.Arkansas Eye Site

The Dry Eye Institute experience was incredibly rewarding. It provides a great foundation to provide an elite level of dry eye care. Your patients will be the biggest beneficiaries of you taking the course.

Dr. John Gwin

The Dry Eye Institute has changed the way I manage and treat my dry eye patients. Dr. Brimer has put a lot of time and effort into giving other doctors the tools to properly add dry eye to your practice. She stresses the importance of having the right diagnostic tools to get the patient to buy into what dry eye really is. Once the diagnostic tests are in place then you can focus more on in office treatments and procedures. We have recently invested in the Oculus 5M Keratograph which is an excellent diagnostic test for dry eye evaluations!

Dr. Nick Baughman

DEI is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve got a 30 lb. book to show how comprehensive it was. All questions answered concisely. No information left out. Great experience. Thanks Dr. Brimer!!

I had heard that the DEI was the best conference to attend for anyone seeking to expand their dry eye services. My experience was even better than I ever could imagine! The small group made it very personal and comfortable. Dr. Brimer and her team paid very close attention to all the details! I felt that she has a strong passion for dry eye and her patients and her colleagues! She wants all her attendees to be successful too!
Dr. Rose Susel

If you want to help your patients and grow your practice- come to DEI. It is a masterclass in implementing proven dry eye treatments. I am just starting out- this was a perfect introduction to help guide me in investing in technology, staff, patient care and more. You will learn a ton and have a fun time. Crystal and her dedicated staff make it easy. I learned more in 2 days than all the dry eye seminars I have attended in the last 25 years. It’s that good!
Dr. Jill Anderson

This seminar was the best I have ever attended! It was worth every penny in terms of money spent and time away from the office. Dr Brimer shared her concise and detailed plan to implement a successful dry eye specialty. Everything you could think of relating to dry eye was covered. We received information and resources, a backpack full of samples, a 3″ binder organized with plans, billing and coding for each diagnosis, and observed real patient exams. It was a small group so very personalized. Dr Brimer was open and forthcoming and willingly answered all questions. She took the time to make sure each attendee felt they had the information they needed to go home and implement dry eye into their practice. I left feeling excited and empowered to successfully manage my dry eye patients!

Crystal has put together the most elegant and well run CE event that I have ever attended. Extremely organized, well thought out and information-packed. I am so thankful for a completely turn key dry eye program I can implement with confidence. The manuals she created for her clinic and then shared with attendees is worth the price of admission alone.. and then there is the swag bag…next level. Crystal has quiet confidence that instills trust and it immediately evident why she has built a loyal teaching and patient following. Not only is she a lovely person, she is a gifted communicator and clinician.

Dr. Katie Davis

I highly recommend this workshop! I’m sure the knowledge I gained in this one day will change my practice in a big way! Crystal provides a plan for implementation and all the resources necessary to make it successful.


Dr. Crystal’s Dry Eye Institute was the most comprehensive dry eye seminar that I’ve ever attended. It far surpassed any other meeting in terms of practical implementation and approach to patient care. The knowledge I’ve gained was absolutely well worth my time. In addition, the large book of information you leave with is fantastic! It represents Dr. Crystal’s years of work and experience, along with her passion for what she does. Her enthusiasm is contagious!


We had an amazing two days and my technicians and I are better caregivers now having attended your institute. If you’re interested in dry eye, this workshop is a must-do. I give it five stars!!!

Dr. Joesph Day

I was blown away by how much information was shared. Clearly, a lot of attention to detail was placed into the whole experience. From the extensive printed material, the «real-life» samples, and the copious amount of food and drinks, Dr. Brimer and her team really want you to be successful and knowledgeable. She is clearly passionate about her craft and I was thrilled to share her world for those hours. Time literally flew by…

Amazing and useful meeting, learned so much! It was exactly what I was looking for, a well-thought-out blueprint to set up my DE Tx Center. So excited to get started. If you want to get started or take your DE Tx to the next level, DEI and Dr. Brimer is a must!

Dr. Don Higgins

Crystal was unbelievable with her knowledge and explaining the best way to treat dry eye. She took her time explaining everything that makes her dry eye guru. If you are interested to taking dry eye to next level in your practice then you have to attend the Dry Eye Institute. It is worth your time and money.

Dr. John Diering

Beyond helpful. Saved me months possibly years of my time. Dr. Brimer has this perfected.

DEI is a great source of information if you’re looking to expand your dry eye treatment scope but are not sure how to do it. It’s a boot camp of intense information on everything related to dry eyes, how to identify different causes of dry eyes, and ideas for best treatment protocols. The workshop is extremely well organized, Any staff member involved with dry eye should attend

Dr. Nancy Truong

I had a great DEI experience. Everything about dry eye was covered: 3 hours of CE and real patient experience, the latest and greatest tools and equipment, billing and coding and lots of toys and gadgets to take home! Plus more! I feel ready to incorporate more dry eye into my practice. All recommendations about hotels, restaurants and things to do were spot on. It was a great location and we stayed at a hotel on the beach! Go with your friends or bring your family. You won’t be disappointed!

This is a real review, I’m Gina Dyda-Schmid, OD in Richmond, VA.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in implementing a Dry eye clinic to their practice. Crystal did a great job planning everything including patient forms/questionnaire, billing and coding, verbiage, exam forms, explanation of each test/result, Dry eye consult live patient, prokera live patient, and product demo. Crystal is very passionate about dry eye that it motivates you as a Clinician, to be as passionate as she is. Who better to learn from than Crystal, someone who has dedicated so much time and effort into treating a potentially serious ocular condition such as dry eye.

Dr. Kristine-Hue Van

I was very impressed with Dry Eye Institute, and with Dr. Brimer. The education was well done and the knowledge base was both wide and deep. Very well done!
Dr. Matthew J. Martin OD

DEI was one of the best experiences in optometric education I’ve had in years! Full of helpful insights and practical information, it equips you to get a dry eye clinic up and running. Crystal is thorough and covers a LOT, but keeps it fun and interesting throughout. Bottom line, I highly recommend DEI!

I brought 4 docs and our staff dry eye ambassador to DEI !!! What an AMAZING experience we had! Dr. Brimer and her staff did a FANTASTIC job!! We are pumped to get our Dry Eye Office Protocol going! We have recently purchased Lumenis IPL, Keratograph 5M, TearCare, and have Prokera at the ready. DEI helped us put it ALL together AND showed us where we needed to fill in for what we didn’t have. Thanks Again for putting on a program that was soooooo worth the investment and MUCH needed for any practice wanting to get their Dry Eye Practice going !

Dr. Matthew Allen

DEI training was one of the most organized and educational experiences I have had in my professional career. Dr. Brimer is truly an inspiration and gave a new direction and meaning to my profession as an optometrist. She truly went out of her way to make it simple, fun, and worthwhile. I highly recommend the DEI retreat for every optometrist and their staff. I’m very excited to start my new holistic approach for dry eye management and to help my community.

Dr. Neda Moshasha

It is the most comprehensive program with all the information you need for your dry eyes practice .
After the program, Dr. Crystal Brimer continues to respond you with all the questions you have to help you feel comfortable and be successful of your dry eyes practice.


Dr. Brimer’s Dry Eye Institute is the best run, most comprehensive, detailed, and organized dry eye meeting out there. The best part is she relates it to real world practice scenarios so you can immediately incorporate it into your own practice.

Dr. Kevin Rogers, LA

Dr. Crystal Brimer is passionate, enthusiastic and has a tremendous amount of education and experience in dry eye. In an ever changing eye care industry , this is an area we can really help our patients and provide something different .
This was not only a great and informative day , but what a beautiful seaside city …I recommend you extend your trip!

Carolyn Helbert-Green, O.D.

How many times a day do we encounter patients complaining of their eyes feeling dry?  Offering artificial tears is not sufficient.  Dr. Brimer’s workshop has helped me to better assess my dry eye patients.  Learning about the different treatment options available was very valuable.  The materials that is provided at DEI is very complete and well organized.  This will help us elevate our implementation of dry eye evaluation and treatment into our practice.

Janice Tamai, O.D.

I had not heard of DEI until my boss mentioned he wanted to send me out to North Carolina for it. I was expecting the usual lecture, and maybe picking up a few new tips for my treatment and management protocols. What Dr Brimer is doing, however, is an incredibly thorough and well organized look at treatment as well as how to build your practice around dry eye care and management. Seeing her evaluation process and interactions with patients has made me want to reevaluate and revamp my whole clinical setup. It was awesome from start to finish!

 Dr. Chris Snow

I just finished Dr. Crystal Brimer’s “Dry Eye Institute” conference in North Carolina. I have been to many medical conferences over the years and this was truly a unique experience. Not only did we get to know Dr. Brimer, but she got to know us and made sure that our personal goals (which she collected prior to the meeting) were fulfilled. Dr. Brimer is a tremendous resource of knowledge and advice and has a limitless passion for sharing it. You can’t go wrong attending the DEI!

John Redmond, M.D., CT

This was probably the most informative seminar I have been to. Definitely worth the price. So much knowledge from Dr. Brimer and all her experience that is 100% useful and easy to implement into any office. Thank you for an amazing learning experience.

Dr. Joanna Chartrand, Canada

I learned so much from Dr Brimer and the Dry Eye Institute. I had read and heard about new treatments in OSD but Dr. Brimer helped me sort through it all to apply that knowledge practically in my clinic. The binder we received is full of great time saving documents, billing info, ABNs etc and will make it much easier to implement procedures in our office. I highly recommend attending if you are thinking about making dry eye a focus of your practice. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Dr. Dimple Sawhney, TX

WELL worth the time and money! Dr. Brimer lays everything out and not only tells you what you need but how to successfully implement it into your practice. You will leave empowered and inspired to treat all your dry eye patients (and everyone else’s!).

Dr. Krista Bruni, Canada

This is by far the best dry eye seminar that I have ever attended. Dr. Crystal Brimer did for dry eyes what Dr Paul Harris did for vision therapy in 1991 with his BABO courses now part of the OEP program. Before him you had to learn a little bit piece by piece. He first went over the basic science of vision and how to diagnose visual problems and then gave a step by step approach how to treat each type of visual problem. He gave you a list of equipment they would be needed. Dr. Brimer did this with dry eye. Gave us the basics behind dry eye, went over a step by step logical approach to diagnose it and then gave us a “good” , “ better”; best approach to treat the dry eye. She gave us all the information of the companies that are either used in diagnosing or treating and how to get in touch with them. She gave us a systematics approach for billing , marketing and forms to use in the office. She gives you “words” for explanations to the patient what each test or treatment does or is used for. She brought in two patients for us to see how she does a work-up.

What a surprise when we got to the office and had our own personal backpack with (not samples- but the real product) of plugs, wipes, vitamins, goggles, tears, prokera and so many other numerous products and a huge notebook with all her slides and forms that she uses and explanations. This by far most prepared class I have ever been to. She really wants to help you implement some type of program in your office. I have sent some patients to some “well known experts” in my state for patients to go to because their dry eye was more than I could do – thinking that they could do more. They did not do anything different than I was doing. Such disappointment. Dr Brimer has a systematics approach so you learn when to do things and when to wait.

Unbelievable experience. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. I have been in practice for 37 years so I have been to many seminars during my career. Last but not least – the hospitality that was shown to us was awesome. She and her husband and staff went above and beyond to make sure we had a fantastic experience. I think you can see by my testimony that I would highly recommend this course. I thought I knew a lot about dry eye and the treatment and was I ever wrong. Thank you Dr. Brimer for opening a new opportunity for me.

DEI is the education and hands on experience to start your own dry eye specialty in your practice. After one day with Dr Brimer, you will feel confident that you can succeed.

Dr. Michele Schraeder, PA 

Dr. Brimer takes the mystery out of diagnosing and treating dry eye in a way that gives me confidence to treat dry eye in my practice.  I want to do more for my patients and now I know what to do. Thanks Crystal!


We had a very good experience at DEI. Dr Brimer’s passion is very motivating and we learned a lot. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting or thinking about starting a dry eye clinic. It was very informative and makes you feel much more prepared to start the process at your own practice.

Jodi D., PA

Loved it! From the moment I arrived until I left, I got that this was actually something that I’m going to take back and implement, compared to past meetings. I have all the tools I need to succeed. Dr. Brimer provides you with the Who, Why, and How to treat dry eye. Very worthwhile, would not hesitate to recommend without reservation!

Dr. Carrie Lee, CA

My knowledge and understanding of dry eye diagnoses and treatment was tremendously improved after the Dry Eye Institute. And even better I am now confident in my ability to build a dry eye practice that provides great care to patients.

This will change your practice and your patients life forever. If you want to change the future of Dry Eye go to this Dry Eye Institute.

Tesa  Sivernall,  TX

I feel encouraged and ready to help my patients. Thanks, Crystal!

Dr. Kandi Moller, OR

As a technician at my office, I see myself as an extension of the doctor, the first and last point of contact when a patient needs help. I wanted patients to trust me with the management of their dry eye symptoms just as much as they trusted the doctor. What I lacked was confidence. After a day at the Dry Eye Institute with Dr. Crystal Brimer, I found exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Brimer did an excellent job encouraging my participation and making me feel like my presence there was just as essential as our doctors. I will now feel comfortable and informed when I work with our Dry Eye patients and help them navigate through their treatment options and their symptoms. Getting to see firsthand how Dr. Brimer herself used the equipment and instrumentation has given me a better understanding of how to use it and incorporate it into our daily pre-testing routine. Where before I simply would note the complaint of the patient for the doctor, now I feel like I can engage in a conversation with them. I know the right things to ask in order to take a complete history. I can anticipate ahead of time what type of treatment will be needed for their symptoms. The Dry Eye Institute has not only made me more valuable to the clinic and the doctors, but has given our patients another reason to know they can trust their eyes with us!

Lindsay Reyes, Ophthalmic Technician, IA

Dr. Crystal is an amazing wealth of knowledge. She cares for her patients deeply and it shows! This experience was great!

Dr. Shannon Davidson, OH

DEI provided a huge step forward toward establishing a dry eye specialty within my practice. The resources will be invaluable. And we had a good time!

Dr. Natalie Noble, PA

The most organized, useful, fun, and information filled day anyone could ask for on dry eye diagnosis and treatment. GO!

Dr. Greg Abel,  CO

If you are struggling with treating dry eye in your practice, this is an event where you can get practical diagnosis and treatment plans that are proven to work- and watch this unfold with actual patients.

Dr. Ben Mize, WV

DEI is a fantastic program that gives you all the products, verbiage, and marketing you need to really do dry eye well. It is customized to your practice and you are sent home with a plethora of printed material, samples, as well as a custom plan of what to implement next in your practice. You see everything put together in real patient exams. I highly recommend!

Dr. Melissa Barnhart, WA

Fantastic Program! The experience was exceptional! –the attention to detail and intimacy of the group, seeing everything in person and how a full dry eye eval looks and sounds. I appreciate all the resources (literature and thumb drive) and doctors’ experience. I would highly recommend.

Dr. Angela Berghoff, IN

The Notebook! It’s a great resource. This is the most comprehensive presentation on Dry Eye that I have ever seen. Very thorough on all things Dry Eye.

Dr. Kathy, Shamblin, TN

Educational and well thought out weekend. Not only does the DEI makes you think about dry eye in a different perspective, it also challenges you to think of other areas where your entire practice could grow!

Dr. Brittany Flaherty, NC

Amazing experience, learning in clinic on site with live patient examples is one of a kind!

Dr. Edward Laulainen, WA

DEI was very helpful to improve and fine tune diagnostic skills and determine the most effective treatment options.

Dr. Gene Calkins, CA

I just had one of the most incredible experiences in my optometric life. That’s saying something, after having been an OD for over 30 years. Dr. Brimer is a pro in every way and the worth of the program was much higher than the dollar amount of the training. All of us came away genuinely inspired and eager to do this.

Dr. Brimer has an over the top passion about dry eye. She wants everyone to incorporate this into their practice and be successful at it. Everything was well thought out and planned exquisitely, but a “real” experience, with no hand-picked patients. The book contained resources and information to implement best practices, and a bag with thousands in revenue product. If you want to get serious about dry eye in your practice, do this training! It will be good for you, good for your patients, and good for the profession.

Dr. Mark Maybury, CO

The most helpful dry eye continuing education I have ever been to! The hands on training was very beneficial. The entire experience was excellent! I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to digging into my book and getting my equipment.

Dr. Robert Friese, MN

An amazing day of learning real life applications! It was a great day with an enormous amount of information given to you on how to implement dry eye care into your practice. Very well organized, very well done, and very pertinent information.

Dr. Terri Anderson, TN

Dr. Brimer personalized things to me and my practice. This experience was perfect! The entire program was excellent and would be helpful to all eye care doctors, even if they are not even wanting to concentrate on dry eyes.

Dr. Dale Burroughs, AR

Awesome, thorough, and complete program! A must for anyone wanting to up their dry eye game.

Dr. George Hertneky, CO

I so enjoyed the opportunity to spend time at the Dry Eye Institute… You are a master clinician and your approach to treating the dry eye patient population combined with your natural ability to communicate and teach creates the richest environment for doctors to learn and grow.  Thank you, again, for sharing your craft.

You truly are an incredible provider! I am so grateful for my time with you and really look forward to keeping in touch as I navigate my next step.

Dr. Rachael Garrett, OR

For anyone interested in going deeper with Dry Eye, I just spent an amazing weekend with Dr. Crystal Brimer at The Dry Eye Institute. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience. It was such a customized, hands on, personalized program. I would highly recommend attending!

After attending the dry eye Institute I feel confident that I have the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to really implement a Dry Eye protocol to best take care of patients.
                                                                                      Dr. Betsy Fraser, SC

DEI was very organized. They provided a true turnkey approach to take home and begin seeing patients immediately. Take away information and products are amazing! Personalized attention to every individual! Dr. Crystal Brimer is amazing.

We stayed at Wrightsville Beach for a few days. Fun town and great experience. Dry Eye Institute is perfect for all levels of dry eye implementation. She customizes to you and your needs. Loved our weekend there. I would recommend going!

Dr. Jennifer Poole Wilcox, GA

Such a great experience!!  You can tell she meticulously planned to the very last detail!

Dr. Jennifer Lesslie, SC

What an amazing day!  The level and quality of Dr. Brimer’s Dry Eye Equation workshop was absolutely outstanding and it offered tremendous educational and clinical value in a world of standard seminars and lectures.  Nearly every minute was packed with practical and smart hands-on training and one-on-one advice.  I returned from this experience with a wealth of applicable knowledge and samples of nearly every component of the Dry Eye Equation.  The wealth of information that was provided is alone worth far more than the registration fee, but the added benefit of numerous billable items that are turn-key, ready to use in the office is far beyond any expectations!  This has to be, by far, the most meaningful and financially worthwhile workshop that I have ever attended.

Dr. Erika Brown, NC

I have to tell you what a wonderful time that I had and how every dry eye already looks “different” than prior to the seminar.  That was the best educational experience I have ever had!  (Not to mention the most enjoyable.)

You have not heard from me because I have been busy attempting to implement new things (though I have no idea how you could make it any easier).
Dr. Sarah Knapp, MI

Thank you again for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Your hospitality and generosity were such treasures. I haven’t stopped talking to my patients about the experience and what I will be able to do for their dry eyes.

Dr. Brimer shows it all! Even if you think you are providing dry eye care to your patients, the training obtained at the Dry Eye Institute will only improve your care. A clear, logical, step-by-step approach to what you need and what you need to know to start or improve your dry eye care is what you will get at this workshop.
I have come away with a deeper appreciation for providing patients with this life-changing service!
 Dr. Tina Reeves, NY

What a great experience at the Dry Eye Institute! I’ve been working on my diagnosis protocol since returning to Oregon and am very pleased. I’ve also been testing some of the language that Crystal uses. –Solid gold!!

Dr. Jim Hale, OR

By far the best course/workshop to shed light on the complexity of dry eye and how to delivery dry eye as a “main course” and not a “side item!”

Dr. Kiarash Bassiri, NC

Crystal provided an organized turnkey approach to diagnosing, treating, and managing dry eye patients–and their expectations!

Dr. Valerie Ricciardi, MA 

I just finished attending Crystal Brimer’s Dry Eye Institute at her practice in Wilmington, NC. You will not find a more enthusiastic, or caring approach to all that she does. What is unique about her approach is the personalized one on one instruction. There are typically 3-5 OD’s attending with a video review of cases, techniques and instrumentation. We then see her dealing with live patients who are generally referred in for evaluation. When I was there the first patient was a chronic sufferer of recurrent ulceration and moderate to severe SPK due to diabetic keratopathy and traumatic brain damage. He is treated q 3 months with Prokera amniotic membranes which normally clears the cornea in a few days but the keratopathy needs to be treated chronically and she recommended an extensive set of treatments including autologous serum, lid cleansers and nutritional supplements. The second patient was new and was diagnosed with allergy related dry eye and night time lagophthalmous. Night time moisture chamber and possibly day time goggles when she cuts grass were the highlights along with allergy drops. IPL suggested as a possibility if initial treatments not sufficient. Finally a severe dry eye recovering from depression, chronic insomnia and having severe staining and very limited income referred from her neurologist. The biggest roadblock may be inability to afford optimal therapy.
In each case the take home for the patient was developing an elaborate preformatted plan, the Crystal Tear Report, which that could be individualized for the patient to take home with them and having an attitude of confidence that if we work together we can make improvements in the condition.
The take home for the doctors attending was an understanding of a system for dealing with patients and referring doctors. Equally important was a wonderful detailed notebook and customized back pack stuffed with a collection of equipment and supplies including a NuLids electronic lid cleanser, an assortment of plugs, masks, moisture chambers, samples of her preferred products and customized marketing materials. She loves mothering the attending doctors and dining by the beach. Overall a good experience and value for those doctors interested in seriously upgrading their dry eye practice.

Dr. Edward Melman, NJ

3 thoughts on “Reputation: the opinion that people have about a person or organization because of what has happened in the past

  1. I had the pleasure of being part of Dr. Brimer’s inaugural DEI. The information that we got during that weekend in February has been golden and I do mean golden. For the first time in my practice career, I can identify exactly what is going on with my patients from a Dry Eye perspective. Additionally, the patient buy in has been phenomenal. Dr. Brimer did a masterful job of making a very complex subject both patient and doctor friendly. The materials that you leave with will leave you speechless. First class, well done and great weekend. Thank you Dr. Brimer! It was money well spent and the return has been amazing!

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  2. This was an absolutely amazing experience. I’m currently a fourth-year optometry student and this went above and beyond anything I’d been taught at school or even the lectures I’ve witnessed at the three Academy of Optometry meetings (though, to be fair, this much longer than a typical 1-2 hr lecture).

    The day was filled with information that was very well presented and allowed us to put the theory into practice by shadowing Dr Brimer with two patients- we were even able to try out some of the therapies on ourselves so that we can better understand what the patient is experiencing and are better able to counsel patients about side effects. It is true that not every ailment or therapy can be personally experienced, but getting a chance to feel it for myself is going to give me a better platform for future patient education.

    But I didn’t just learn how to diagnose and treat dry eye, I learned how to potentially market newfound knowledge and how to present the fact that I have this knowledge and can treat patients to other doctors (OD’s and MD’s alike) in a positive and non-threatening manner. The medical knowledge I acquired was amazing, but it was really the marketing that I found incredibly unique. Many optometrists are highly knowledgable about the scientific aspects of optometry, but few are able to give you a skill and then teach you how to market and make a living from that skill.

    Dr. Brimer took the time to speak to us individually about our current and future practice goals. For me, this meant applying what I learned as a student first, and a longer-term plan for incorporating dry eye therapy post-graduation. I’m honestly so inspired that I would start a Dry Eye practice tomorrow. Except I can’t because I do not have my degree yet.

    In addition to the knowledge and the notes, we received a wealth of contacts, templates and even samples of dry eye treatments! The backpack alone is awesome and I honestly feel that all the goodies we receive don’t get enough credit because we weren’t just handed a how-to guide, but half the work of acquiring samples, making templates, etc has already been done.

    I highly recommend DEI to everyone- regardless of whether you are a student or practicing OD; it was an amazing experience and I already want to do it again!


  3. With much anticipation, I was able to virtually attend Dr Brimer’s incredibly insightful Dry Eye Institute. I initially was flying out but my plane broke down on the tarmac so I was going to miss 2/3 of the program. However, Dr Brimer was so helpful we were able to set up a virtual link at the last minute. (And she shipped off all of the materials to me that very hour we discussed my conundrum.)

    The program information was well organized, easy to digest, and professional presented. In fact, I only barely missed the tactile aspect of an in person meeting. (I was slightly jealous of those who were attending in person as the were having so much fun.)

    I started a dry eye clinic about 8 months prior to the meeting and wanted to get a few additional insights to aid in treating my patients. I was not disappointed! In fact, I gained more helpful insights and understanding in the weekend than I had in the prior 8 months of trial and error.

    A few days later, I received a huge box with a backpack full of all sorts of tools and products to help me with my patients treatments. The manual is amazing! And organized in a way that is easy to reference as needed.

    I highly recommend this small investment in time and money as you will immediately see a return in your practice and your patients will appreciate the new level of care you will be able to provide following this wonderful experience.


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