The Mission: To both inspire and empower my colleagues, in order to improve patient outcomes and practice revenues, through proven methods and tools that have impacted my patients and practice.

Dr. Brimer Dr. Brimer is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Southern College of Optometry, a Fellow of theAAO, and a primary clinical investigator. She owns a specialty dry eye clinic in Wilmington, NC,
dedicated to treating dry eye differently. Dr. Brimer is devoted to the development of equipment and protocols that help doctors differentiate the underlying causes of ocular surface disease and create successful outcomes. She was the co-creator of the Vision Source Dry Eye Protocols 1.0 and 2.0 and
integral in designing the Oculus 5M software platform and Crystal Tear Report. After seeing the
day-to-day struggles offices experienced with implementation of dry eye, she went on to create
the Dry Eye Institute. Here, she hosts doctors from across the country for a small, hands-on,
interactive OSD retreat to establish a firm foundation and deliver ongoing resources for
successful implementation and outcomes.

Dr. Brimer enjoys publishing articles and traveling, both nationally and internationally, to
lecture and consult within the field. In her down time, she enjoys time on the water with her
dog and being a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Focus Eye Care, in Wilmington, NC, is the most recent practice of Dr. Brimer’s. It was opened in 2015, and though this practice had a dry eye focus from the beginning, that quickly developed into its primary focus. This, somewhat unintentional, transition was propelled (dare I say, skyrocketed) by outside referrals. In fact, by the end of the first year, and without marketing, there were 29 area doctors referring to FEC for dry eye evaluations, and remarkable gross collections ensued. These referrals were cultivated by word of the incredible outcomes patients were experiencing. The consistent outcomes were attributable to a clinical formula that was developed, initially, through extensive trial and error.  When the diagnostic mindset was paired with targeted treatments, and delivered to the patient with clear education and demonstration, it produced compliance. Compliance can not be forced. It is earned through trust, and essential to outcomes. Combining these elements with a fundamental shift in mindset became an undeniable recipe for success, and one that is now shared with attendees of the Dry Eye Institute.