The Dry Eye Equation

The Dry Eye Equation offers a diagnostic and fact based approach to improving patient health, quality of life, and practice profitability.  While there is currently no shortage of treatment options and opinions regarding dry eye, the Dry Eye Equation aims to reduce the intimidation and confusion factor by creating new habits and thought processes as an approach to OSD.

We are the experts regarding patient health and practice profitability. Our consulting professionals can assist you with all your medical practice needs. See how we are able to improve your office workflow and treat patients more effectively.

More importantly, we provide the resources to equip doctors for immediate implementation and success. You will not only learn a science based, clinical approach to the treatment of dry eye, you will see firsthand how to apply these processes in an exam setting through spontaneous patient encounters.

Categorical Diagnosis + Patient Education = Compliance with the Targeted Treatment Plan

Compliance => Successful Outcomes

Successful Outcomes => Referrals + Growth


Increased Revenue